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About us

The Eco hostel the Founder is the property of the cooperative the Reformation of this was built thanks to the support of the NGO Founder. La Cuculmeca in the community of donors and allies. The Founder is a relic of the revolution, the place built by former Nicaraguan President Anastasio Somoza García that after the fall of his dictatorship property passed into the hands of the workers, his administration has been affected by different political and economic factors. So that today the workers have decided to organize themselves in a different model; In cooperative, where some have followed the tradition of growing coffee instead other grow vegetables and basic grains. The cooperative is called La Reforma, is made up of 55 partners of them 23 are women. Producers who work every day to provide food for Nicaraguan families. That is why, as a support to the family economy of each one of the associated with the development of a tourism project, where each one receives benefits through The Services that are offered.