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As a hostel we do our best to be sustainable. But sustainability is much more. It is about managing all resources so that economic, social and aesthetic needs are met, while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes and biological diversity.

We are a hostel that works together with the local population, we generate jobs through our services, we buy the products to the Local people, we promote the farms of the associates, if you visit the hostel you will be supporting 55 families that are the ones that live together In the community.
To achieve greater sustainability we are implementing the following practices:

  • We encourage our clients not to visit by public transport
  • Our liquid wastes (sewage and gray water) are supplied to septic tanks at long distances from any water source or surface water body.
  • We avoid producing inorganic waste:

  1. Using natural products
  2. Reducing
  3. Reusing

  • Contracts and training of local staff.
  • Offers Eco-lodge facilities for the use and benefit of the community.
  • We promote the cultural heritage of the community through our tours and activities.
  • We are reforesting part of the Eco-hostel area.
  • Promote the conservation of the forest through the Los Numbers trail.
  • We try to create environmental awareness among visitors and locals / as through an envoy with interpretive panels and an area of ​​natural succession.